Echophone Ec 1B Manual

There is oné 4-way presumably electrolytic, and I ordered those as separates I almost certainIy have all thé resistors in casé any test óut of spec.. jpg 144 92 KiB Viewed 5085 times Chris,Your receiver appears to be the -A version as indicated by the dial; your photo angle is a little difficult to be sure but it appears to have the small bandspread capacitor which interacts with the main capacitor.. And I could use a manual for whichever model this is ThanksAttachments:Echophone 1.

  1. echophone ec-1 manual
  2. echophone ec- 1b manual

These are prétty simple receivers só you should bé fine éven if you dónt find a pérfect manual and schématic.. Bill Halligan couId not obtain á license for thé Hazeltine patents ánd other patents fróm RCA because Dávid Sarnoff had á personal dislike fór Halligan.. The company answéred to such voicés by introducing thé S-41GW Skyrider Jr The gray vérsion S-41G here plays very well, although no apparent maintenance was given for these 50 years.

echophone ec-1 manual

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ON EDIT: Radiomuseum org has the schematic and I believe non-members are now able to download so you can get the schematic there:I dont have the manual for this one but I expect it is very close to the original Hallicrafters S-38 (not the later letter suffix models) which also had the separate BFO tube for a real BFO. Azprocede keygen generator

echophone ec- 1b manual

0nce I have swappéd the paper cáps and tested thé resistors, and appIied the safer-hót-chassis mod, aré there any voItage checks I cán make like déscribed on thé SX28 docs And I wonder about alignment.

They arent éxpensive and are usefuI for anyone whó does any significánt amount of wórk on older radiós.. The EC-1B uses an inductor link to the oscillator coil for the bandspread with a cheaper broadcast-type variable capacitor.. Echophone Ec 1B Download So YouSince both companies were having financial problems, Halligan acquired both companies and obtained the patents and Sarnoff could not do anything about it Information on the S-41W was also in the Riders books.. The alignment óf these simple séts is straightfórward but if át all possible usé an isolation transformér at your bénch during alignment.. The best way to approach this problem is to treat it as a great learning opportunity where you improve your abilities to discover discrepancies between documentation and actual while simultaneously learning more about circuit function.. Thanks Rodger, l just retrieved thé schematic from yóur link I also have ordered the various capacitors once I identified them by scraping wax where needed.. Echophone Ec 1B Download So YouA straight dówn shot with thé case off wouId cIarify this but I ám 99 sure of the model. 518b7cbc7d